Sponsoring: How can you help?

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02/08/20192 Min Read — In General

The Roparun foundation is committed to these people and their loved ones. They do not focus on research or cure, but on dealing with the disease. "Adding life to the days, where days can no longer be added to life." OrangeHeroes is a group of ING colleagues who walk from Paris to Rotterdam in the Pentecost weekend to raise money for people with cancer in this way.

All donations to OrangeHeroes go for 100% to the Roparun Foundation. This is possible because the costs are fully covered by a contribution from the participants of the team and ING also supports us in this. This way we can guarantee that all donations will benefit charity!

Shirt sponsorship

One of the ways is sponsoring shirt. The runners will complete the entire relay in a running shirt that includes a sponsor. We are looking for companies that want to contribute to the Roparun as a shirt sponsor. If you are interested in this, we would love to hear from you. Contact one of the participants or mail to orangeheroes@ing.com.

A one time contribution

Via the link on this website, by transferring an amount to NL27INGB0651560756 attn. OrangeHeroes team 252 (do not forget to mention the team number!)

Moral support

Many people are touched by the terrible disease of cancer: with yourself, with family, friends, colleagues or other relatives. It remains a terrible disease. Support our initiative by telling others about the OrangeHeroes; to share this in your knowledge circle, at your sports club or in your department. Make the people around you aware of this action and encourage them to make a donation. For this you can use a link to this website, send a QR code or like us on social media. Do not hesitate to contact us with a good idea!

What do you donate?

  • € 10 => a 'Friends book for visiting patients' for cancer patients
  • € 13,50 => a 'Treasure box' for UMC Groningen
  • € 15 => a children's booklet 'Just bad luck if your mother has cancer'
  • € 120 => a clown who raises all day in children's hospitals for children with cancer
  • € 250 => a cooking workshop for people with cancer
  • € 1500 => a medication pump

Previous years, the OrangeHeroes managed to reach the top of all teams and in this way make a great contribution to add life to the days, where days can no longer be added to life! make it possible again?